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Michelle Garden

Michelle O’Gardens

LAJINA JONES takes a tour of Michelle Obama’s garden. Granted VIP access, the deeper LaJina takes us into the White House Garden, the …

Slave Day

Happy Slave Day

LAJINA JONES pays tribute to April 15th, or “Slave Day,”celebrating another year of government extortion. LaJina shares her tips for paying taxes …

Hillary Clinton STD Misunderstanding

Feel The Burn

LAJINA JONES apologizes to HILLARY CLINTON for misunderstanding a political mantra being used by BERNIE SANDERS supporters. The misunderstanding stems from an …

In Other Words, LaJina Monologues

In Other Words

In other words,  this episode of The LaJina Monologues, features hostess LAJINA JONES extracting the truth from President BARACK OBAMA’S final State of the Union address. IN …

New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

LAJINA JONES inspires you with her new year’s resolutions in this pilot episode of The LaJina Monologues NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS LaJina: The lights have come …