Feel The Burn

LAJINA JONES apologizes to HILLARY CLINTON for misunderstanding a political mantra being used by BERNIE SANDERS supporters. The misunderstanding stems from an encounter the two women had years ago at a White House performance starring the Punany Poets.

Background Information
In the race for the 2016 Democratic primary, Independent senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont edges closer and closer to Clinton’s all but assured victory, winning the last three primary states of Washington, Hawaii and Alaska by well over 70% of the vote. The victor will face the winner of the Republican primary contest, likely to be “self-funded” billionaire Donald Trump in November’s presidential election.


LaJina: So apparently there’s been this election going’ on, and I just want to talk about the election real quick. Okay.

So basically, everybody gettin excited because Bernie Sanders just destroyed Hillary Clinton this past weekend and everybody saying, “Can you feel the burn? Can you feel the burn, Hillary?” And naturally, I assumed they was referring to her STDs. You know, could she feel the burn between her legs from the STDs she contracted, that she contracted from her husbands philanthropy. Okay. Oh, I’m sorry, philanderings.

And, so, next time you hear somebody ask, “Hillary, can you feel the Bern?” Be sure to understand that they just talkin’ bout, she was defeated by Bernie and it was a landslide victory, therefore, it’s a burn.

I met Hillary several years ago at a White House performance by the Punani Poets. We had a White House performance of the Punany Monologues. Hillary, I hope the burn’s gotten better since we spoke several years ago.

Also I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to the very respectable Senator, Secretary, former First Lady, Hillary Clinton. Basically, when Bernie Sanders asked Hillary Clinton is she could feel the Bern? I thought he was referring to her STDs. And Hillary, girl, I just want to say I apologize. I am woman enough to apologize.

Hillary, I just want to extend my apology for bringing up the STD issue, and I hope that the ointment worked. Okay. I know that’s a sensitive subject for you and Bill. So I’d just like to apologize.

Hillary, I am so very sorry, okay. And I hope that the rash is cleared up. And I hope that the only burn you feelin’ is from Bernie Sanders. Okay.

Looks like my Uber Black has arrived. This has been LaJina Jones at lajina.com. And remember, if you feelin’ the burn, get some ointment.

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